individual consultations

Please note: I am not currently taking on new clients. I expect to be able to accommodate new clients from March 2021. Please email me if you would like to be added to my waiting list.

Nutritional Therapy Consultations

I offer 1-to-1 nutritional therapy consultations online via Zoom or from my clinic in Plymouth at:

The Nutrition Room, 50 Dean Hill, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 9AE.

Prices from 1st January 2021

Package of 3 consultations £175, or £95 for the initial consultation, and £55 for any follow ups.

What to Expect

Before the initial consultation, I will ask you to fill out and return a comprehensive health questionnaire. This allows me to research and prepare appropriately for your appointment.

Initial Consultations (1 hour): At your initial consultation we will discuss in detail your health concerns and goals, including current diet and lifestyle, symptoms and personal and family histories. If appropriate, I may recommend laboratory tests which can give important information about any underlying imbalances. We will work together to plan some achievable and enjoyable changes to your diet and lifestyle. You will leave with a personal health plan to follow for the next month. As well as diet and lifestyle recommendations, this could include referrals to other health care practitioners, recipes and supplement recommendations. 

Follow-up Consultations (45 minutes): These usually take place  1 or 2 weeks following your initial or previous consultation. At your follow-up appointment we will review your progress and plan further diet and lifestyle changes to get you closer to your health goals. If laboratory tests were performed, the results will be discussed and recommendations based on the findings will be made. You will leave with a new personal health plan. 

Laboratory Tests

In some instances, functional testing may be advisable. A range of tests are available which can be used as a diagnostic tool to help identify imbalances and as a way of monitoring health programmes. The costs of these tests vary and are at additional cost. Please contact me for details. Common functional tests include:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic stool analysis (with or without parasitology). This is a useful marker of digestive function, intestinal inflammation and microbial imbalances
  • Hormone testing – sex hormones, adrenal hormones, thyroid hormones
  • Food intolerance and allergy testing
  • Nutritional profiles
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Liver profiles